obsession called while you were out (flyingcarpet) wrote in graphicinlove,
obsession called while you were out

Three art recs/pimps

I don't know if y'all have seen these, but they are definitely worth checking out. All were drawn for our hpgw_otp Passage of Time challenge...

Better Luck Next Time, Potter, by littlesinner
Black and white, pencil on paper drawing of Harry and Ginny celebrating a birthday at home. ...maybe Harry will get lucky next time. ;)

Primetime Series by ithinkiamlost
Popular primetime TV shows, redone with Harry and Ginny in the starring roles. Adorable and hilarious.
You might not be familiar with this artist, because she's not very prolific, but all her artwork is great. :)

Time Flies When Having Fun by ivylaurelrose
An artist that's totally new-to-me, drawing one of my absolutely favorite topics: Quidditch. Harry and Ginny on brooms in the air, in a totally, utterly romantic portrait. This makes me want to write fic.

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