obsession called while you were out (flyingcarpet) wrote in graphicinlove,
obsession called while you were out

Art recs - several awesome Ginnys

A bunch of gorgeous pictures of Ginny that I've come across recently...

Ginny in her school uniform by spacefragments
Ginny looks like a real girl here, young and uncertain but still ready to fight.

Ginny Quidditch Player by LagoonNymph
Drawn as a collectible card, this shows Ginny as badass Quidditch player, in windblown robes. <3.

Something Worth Fighting For by AiryFairyAmy
A portrait of Bonnie-as-Ginny in bright reds and yellows -- perfect for Gryffindor!Ginny.

Harry and Ginny with Hedwig by eroticatyphon
This is such a heroic pose, it's fantastic. And I love Ginny's flowing hair.

Harry and Ginny in bed by zephiranos (Adult)
I love the sense of abandon in this piece, how they're utterly focused on one another.
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